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After the greening comes the cleaning! Not only did the street get treated to a special cleaning squad from Gemeente Amsterdam (thanks, Emro and Carlos!), businesses from up and down the street pulled their tidying weight today, each taking care of their own 25 square meters of pavement. And this does not go without reward: the ruler of the cleanest strip of street for the coming two weeks will win a trip to one of the cleanest cities in Europe: Hamburg! Sweet sweeping everyone! #cleanandgreenweekatSV ... See MoreSee Less

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Today was the start of Clean and Green week! And boy, did we green. We kid you not: our horticulture heroes, Björn and Mark from Rötgers & v. Ingen, planted over 1,000 plants in the street today. Come and check them out soon (the plants – not the men)! This was the first of many things we’ll do this week to make the street Clean and Green for you to enjoy all year round & another joint effort with the team at Green City Buzz. Stay tuned!

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